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We are a newly created company that focus our activity mainly in recording audiobooks for the blind, through the ONCE. We Give voice to all kinds of texts (of study, entertainment, magazines, public information ...), with the aim of blind and visually impaired to access in a comfortable and pleasant way to study or read, in general. We are aware that is not the same reading for a child that doing it to an older person, you must carefully address the specific characteristics of each recipient. We attach great importance to the work well done, clear, correct and, above all, attractive, and that not only is good to have a nice voice, but the tone and expression need to know to captivate the attention of the listener.
Alongside this main activity, each of us carries out other activities, some related to the narration (audio books for publishers, radio spots, television commercials, ..) and others not (English / Spanish translation, interpretation for theater, film ,...)