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Arantza Ugarte Maurolagoitia (Bilbao, 1964)



- Faculty of Law in the Universadad del País Vasco in San Sebastián.
- Dubbing Course at Centro de Estudios y Producción Audiovisual (CEPAV) in San Sebastián.
- Different Vocal Technique course, Diction, Intonation and poetry readings.
- First Certificate in English in Cmbridge University.
- Certificate of Proficiency in English awarded by the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.


Spanish and English (high level).


- Dubbing actress calls Barcelona in different studios (Q-Lever, Voz de España, Sonoblock, Estudios Teruel, etc.)
- Voiceover of advertorials (Gerona. Time of flowers "," Sparber Transport ", etc.).
- Voiceover at animated short film "La lamia enamorada", awarded at the Festival de Cine de Gerona in its 2000 edition.
- Voiceover to the monthly DVD video game Editorial PSM2 Es decir.
- Announcer reader of audiobooks for Library Service to ONCE since 1999, with more than 300 volumes recorded.


First Prize Award Competition of declamation-recited organized by the Asociación Artística Bilbaína in 1994 and 1996.


I have participated as a bard-reciter of poetry in over thirty performances in connection with cultural events, tributes, memorials, openings painting or literary conferences in collaboration with the Asociación Artística Vizcaína in places such as the University of Navarra, the Cathedral of Bilbao, Area Rekalde-2, etc. Solo with instrumental accompaniment, case I have done several recitals in various cafes theater in Euskadi and Barcelona.